Journal Prompt: Alignment

What does it feel like in your body, when you know you aren’t in alignment ? 

We are constantly changing and evolving, which means we need to be constantly shifting our energy and focus so that we can be living in alignment with our highest intentions.

I first became aware that I was no longer living in alignment with who I wanted to be, when I kept feeling stuck, stagnant, frustrated and as if I SHOULD be DOING something all the time. 

You see, your body viscerally knows when it’s ready to change, upgrade and expand. However It’s our thoughts, belief systems and a lack of awareness which limits us.
The mind constantly wants to blame or give reason for the way we feel. So we find we are always searching for an answer, which can be frustrating in itself. 

Instead of getting caught up in the WHY, I allowed myself to sit in this energy and journal about it, which consequently lead to experiencing many interesting realisations.

This is such an interesting question, because the answer is different for everybody. 
For me, when I feel out of alignment I journal, I dance, I exercise, I move my body.

Journal Prompt: 
Part a) What does being out of alignment feel like in my body?
Part b) The things I can do when I feel out of alignment are…

I’d love to hear from you!


What does an Adult mean to you?

I’m always catching my self out saying “I have to adult” , “Adulting sucks” or “It’s time to adult” with big fat eye roll.
Even though it’s somewhat a joke, I’m still giving myself permission to feel a certain way and perceive things quite negatively.

Somewhere deep down I had the belief that we should have it all figured out, we need to be serious, we must work hard to be successful and work is prioritised over play.

We are telling ourselves we should be doing one thing , when we want to be feeling the other. No wonder “Adulting Sucks”

The words I now associate with being an adult are PLAY, ADVENTURE, FREE EMPOWER, PASSION, CONNECTION and it now takes the pressure off pleasing absolutely anyone.


You set the standard. You create the limitations.
What is your definition of an adult and is it aligned with who you are at your core?

The Rise in The Divine

“We have been socially conditioned out of understanding how feminine energy shapes and influences our very beings and our lives.” – Sophie Bashford 

If you don’t know much about the masculine and feminine energies, then you should know, no matter what gender you identify as, we are born with both feminine and masculine energies. 

For centuries, women have been taught to suppress the feminine essence, if we were to make it in a “man’s world”. By neglecting this sacred part of us, we create imbalances which is when we experience anxiety, depression, confusion, lack of direction and purpose. 

Naturally women only produce a small amount of testosterone, so when we hustle, push and control too much, it’s no surprise we burn out. 


➝The Feminine (Yin) represents:

Intuitive, non rational awareness, open, stilness, patient, compassionate, flexible, receptive, internal, soft.

Imbalanced: Stagnant, formless, depressed, over-nurturing, unmotivated, unfocussed.

➝The Masculine (Yang) represents: 

Logic, Reason, Rationality, Focussed, Disciplined, Active, Movement, external, Hard

Imbalanced: Destructive, aggressive, narrow minded, cold, frustrated.


Being in your feminine is NOT BETTER than being in your masculine. What we need most is a balance of both.By practicing being present and expanding our awareness we will be able to easily tap both energies and apply when needed the most. 


Embody the masculine energy to focus your time and energy on what matters most to you then taking action. Embody the feminine energy to connect with the wisdom of your heart, trust in the flow of life and act from a place of love and compassion.

▲Stepping up in 2019▲


What is starting to feel old in your life? Where do you need to make SHIFTS? What scares the absolute SH*T out of you, that YOU KNOW needs to happen?

▷ Is it to share your voice/ to speak up?
▷ Be more authentic?
▷ Leave the job?
▷ End the relationship?
▷ Look within?
▷ Be a leader?
▷ Mend a friendship?
▷ Trust more?
▷ Surrender more? 
▷ Create boundaries?
▷ Say NO more?
▷ Say YES more?


In 2019 I’m being called to SHARE MY VOICE – FACE the FEAR and bulldoze straight through. Next year is going to a BIG year and chilling out in FEAR TOWN is just not the cards. 


What is your relationship to food?


So many of us today associate food with being good and bad.  Why?

When we are kids, most of us have been raised to believe that if we are a “good” boy or girl, we will be rewarded with ice cream, chocolate, donuts, potato chips and other ‘Bad food’ (just to name a few)
Ironically,  if we are “bad” we are punished and refused this “bad” food.

For starters we LABEL food as either “good” or “bad” which then leads us to LABEL our body “good” or “bad”. Depending on the person and the current emotional state, we then decide whether we reward or punish ourselves by picking, binge eating, dieting, starving ourselves or not having clear health goals.
Years of this conditioning, has lead us to develop a warped perception of ourselves, losing connection to our bodies and the meaning of why we eat. Our poor food choices and eating habits have lead us to compare, judge and even hate our bodies. 
  • We will never love or feel present in our bodies if we have unrealistic expectations we have of how we should look.
  • We completely ignore our own make up and wish to be something other than ourselves.
  • We become so obsessed that we don’t even enjoy the things that light us up.
  • We use punishing words like restrict, diet, counting calories, cutting down, cutting back, “watch what I eat “, I NEED to go to the gym and work off last nights meal.


The truth is, our bodies and food are neutral . Our relationship with food will not change until our relationship with ourself does.

It doesn’t matter if you were raised to think food was good or bad. Most of us either aren’t entirely happy in our bodies and are struggling with our relationship with food.

Whatever is going on with us on a mental and emotional level is going to be reflected back to us through our eating habits. And whatever controlled eating routine you have will inevitably effect your mental and emotional wellbeing.

Whether it’s feeling disconnected, anxious, frustrated or depressed, MOST of us use food as a reward or punishment system.



The best part about the conditioning we have is just that. It’s Conditioning. Which means we can unlearn and retrain ourselves to see food as neutral and nourishing and honour our bodies again.

The more we can share our experiences , the more we can normalise this and bring ourselves back into our bodies & be the healthiest versions of ourselves.

I’d love to hear what you think.




The point of arrival is now.

The point of arrival is now – Deepak Chopra

You have the option to spend your life waiting until you reach ‘happiness’ OR you can choose to be present and BE in the moment now.

As kids we would ask “Are we there yet?”. With this mentality, we need to realise we will never be there “yet.” The fact is you will never feel the things you desire to feel as long as you are kept in a low vibrational state of fear.

Do you find yourself:

Worrying about the future.
Anxious about the past.
Planning to plan and never taking action.
Waiting for life to magically change for you.

Shift your energy by appreciating the things that bring you joy.

Journal Guide: Oracle Card


If you are into Oracle cards or Tarot like me,  this can be a really fun way to prompt you for journalling.

Firstly, set an intention before shuffling the cards.
It may be to have a clear prompt or guide for your journal entry. Keep it simple, It doesn’t have to be complicated.

Choose 1 – 3 cards at random or let them fall from the deck while shuffling.

Allow yourself to interpret the symbolism of each card in your own unique way and go with your first gut instinct. 

Then allow yourself to write whatever flows.





I’d love to hear about your journalling experience and how you’ve found  these tips useful at Instagram/the.divine.compass


Journal Guide: Getting Clear

Lets get REAL.


Committing Hhato your journal practice will allow you to become clearer on who you are, what you want and what also may be blocking you.
As you begin to delve deeper and remove the layers, you might experience new feelings that come up so try keep an open mind and be kind to yourself.
  • Firstly, draw up 3 columns on a new page.
    On the left hand side write down one area of your life that you aren’t feeling so crash hot about. Whether that is finances, relationships, career… etc.
    Begin to write how you currently feel about your current situations. BE HONEST
  • In the right hand column : write down what you want to feel and include what you want to be DOING. GET SPECIFIC 
 I’ve attached an example below.


“I desire a job which allows me to harness and apply my talents and skills to my highest potential. A career where I can work with inspiring and creative people and feel supported both financially and spiritually. I wish to create my own work schedule so that I can enjoy regular exercise, make time for my passions and travel the world.”

It’s important when writing your goals, you get specific with your WHY. 
Money goals especially. We all want money, but until you make it very clear as to WHY,  things can feel confusing and out of alignment.

Unfortunately, sitting there and wishing for that dream job isn’t going to be enough. Taking action is the most important step. So, It’s time to make the moves. Get specific on  how you want to feel or how you can be of service once you have achieved this goal.


In your third column, write down :

ONE action you can take in the next 24 hours to get you closer to fulfilling your goal/desire

ONE action you can take in the next 7 days to get you closer to fulfilling your goal/desire

ONE action you can take in the next 30 days to get you closer to fulfilling your goal/desire



Journal Guide: Release

Clearing blocks and Letting go. 

When committing to your daily stream of consciousness, You will start to notice any resistance or blocks around money, self image, success or love. Once we’ve identified theses blockages, we can use the power of journalling to release them.

  1. Start with one of your biggest limiting beliefs, that is holding you back from being the BEST version of you.

  2. Try to think back where this belief came from from and how it made you feel.  – A family member, a situation from childhood?

  3. Forgive and accept. This process will be different for everybody so have a play with these and see what works for you. (See below)


a) Affirmation-  Create an affirmation that resonates with YOU. Write it  on a post-it note in your room or set an alarm on your phone to remind you during the day. If you have never worked with Affirmations before start with something simple such as “I love you, I accept you”.

b) Gratitude. Listing the things you are most grateful for is so easy and the best way to shift any negative energies.
c) Letting go and Cord cutting meditations by Gabrielle Bernstein. Feeling resistance to meditation? That’s a good sign.

If you are a beginner to meditation, Gabrielle Bernstein has a number of powerful guided meditations which are 5-10 minutes long.

d) Write a letter to someone you have been hurt by or even to yourself – THEN BURN IT.  It feels so empowering to get all the words out onto paper, but it’s important you BURN it. Holding onto things like this actually stores the negative energies and can do more harm then good.
 Commit: 7 days

Passion & Purpose

Passion and Purpose Interview 
with Lauren Maree from Grow + Flow.

Lauren Maree is a blossoming, spiritual entrepreneur on a personal mission to create a ripple effect of positive change in this world with a focus on holistic health and meaningful living. She is a Yoga Teacher and Spiritual Scientist, currently studying to be a Wellness Coach and NLP practitioner. Lauren has such an infectious and sunny energy, she is incredibly inspiring and I can’t wait for you all to get to know her more.

Describe Myself in 3 words: 

Wholesome. Artist. Healer.

Tell us about who Lauren Maree is and what inspired you to create Grow+Flow: 

I am on a forever journey of exploring who I am. Passionately curious and open-minded, I am a fun and fierce truth seeker who enjoys unravelling the layers of multi-dimensional being and how I relate to others and connect with the universe. I am a heartfelt spiritual creator who experienced a powerful awakening when living in London at age 19.
Grow+Flow is a service that offers yoga, meditation, spirituality and wellness coaching to those who seek guidance and fulfilment. Grow+Flow was inspired by my shift from a depressive suffering to accepting responsibility for my path towards accessing higher states of consciousness. Grow+Flow is an expression of my soul that hopes to light the way for others to lead meaningful lives.

The vision behind Grow+Flow is that if we as a collective are able to turn our struggles into strengths, become present, empowered and transcend the ego mind then we open ourselves to receive and awaken the wisdom of our intuition and heartspace. Our highest vibration is love – I want to raise our frequency and create a ripple effect of positive change in our world.

Take us through your morning ritual:

Aha! I am beginning to cultivate and integrate a non-negotiable morning ritual and am currently playing around with a few ideas. Currently I will wake and take three deep conscious breaths, put on my dressing gown and enjoy a mindful cup of lemon and ginger tea in the sunshine, somedays it’s organic mushroom coffee. Then, I write three pages of words to get into flow state; meditate, pray and practice yoga or dance to some mood songs all while burning sage or incense.

When do you feel most in flow in life?

As contrasting as it may be, I feel most in flow when I am silent and still and observe life happen around me. Flow state for me is mindful, slow, intuitive and resonant. I also enjoy walking barefoot in nature.

What is one piece of advice you would give to women who feel stuck when it comes to their purpose?

Please don’t put force or expectation on yourself to have it all figured out. Find what lights you up and follow it one step at a time. Trust that you will know by the way it makes you feel!

I am a big believer in playing big, owning your light and being authentic – can you recall a time when you took the leap and a time when you were playing small?

Being human, I naturally feel fear and ideally would like to know the answers before I make crazy decisions but the beauty of life itself resides in these mysteries unfolding. Thankfully, I have a courageous, wild heart and believe I’ll be happier with an “oops” rather then a “what if”. I have taken several leaps of faith this year alone, moving in the direction of expansion. Each time I have been supported and grow closer in alignment to my true self. The most recent happening was my choice to invest the whole of my time and energy into my entrepreneurial project Grow+Flow. 

There are no guarantees, no promises – just unshakeable belief in myself and my visions.

What does spirituality mean to you?

Spirituality is a profound personal truth. I believe spirituality to be a gateway to experiencing deeper connection, magic, fulfilment and love. The amazing thing is that spirituality is unique for everyone yet the heart of it is all the same.

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